Logline: New to LA, a young aspiring filmmaker dedicates her night to "healing" with a familiar stranger. 

Synopsis: "Sleep" is a romantic film about two young creatives who end up connecting with each other because of shared feelings and emotions. Touching on the topics of mental health, male vulnerability, and black love/community, this short film will showcase music from Zay Blaze, all while carrying the viewers through a night of "healing" with the characters. We want to make this short as relatable and raw as possible because we believe in the feeling that will be felt rather than the depth of the actual storyline. This is a technique that I have personally grown to love as it is shown in the referenced A24 films. Many times we judge emotions and feelings on how traumatic they may or may not be, overlooking the fact that all emotions are valid and many of us are actually dealing with the same issues. This film will shed light on very "generic" problems which will allow for the viewers to see themselves in each character.